Young Angel Network

The Young Angel Network (YAN) is a group of high-powered young adults investing personally into the next generation of startups.

We are the next generation of angel investors, entrepreneurs, VCs, thinkers, and doers.

Here's what drives us: as twenty-somethings, we feel a need to partake in owning and building the 21st century. We want to use our own money and be directly connected and responsible to the businesses that we invest in. We think that doing it this way, we'll create humongous value for our founders and have a say in what our future will be made out of.

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How we invest

  1. Introduction -- get sourced by one of our members
  2. Dilligence -- we are convinced to hear your pitch
  3. Pitch -- pitch to interested members
  4. Group Investment -- certain members will choose to invest, the check will be a sum

Our value add


YAN brings on new members on a rolling basis. Think you fit our mission? Email

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Investment value

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